Our fees

Our no cure no pay fees are very competitive. However, when choosing professional assistance, results, service and integrity are equally as important. The most important criteria for selecting a debt recovery attorney is the likelihood to successfully collect your money. We are debt recovery claim experts and this is exactly our specialty. Send us an email to discuss your claim. There are no costs unless we collect.

Our no cure no pay fees are based on the amount collected:

Exceeding € 500.000 10%
€ 50.000 till € 500.000 15%
€ 5.000 till € 50.000 20%
€ 1.000 till € 5.000 25%
Less than € 1.000 – (Only with long term proceedings) 50%
Debtor outside of the Dutch Caribbean Islands and the Netherlands. 30%


Please note that the aforementioned refers to minimum fees. The actual percentage is made-to-measure and signed up in a fee agreement after examining and accepting your claim. We will make a full recovery effort (extra-judicial and if necessary judicial) under the name of our law firm. Register as a client by filling in the form. You can then submit your claim online. If you require more information: send us an email. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Other important information: We only handle commercial debt collection claims (for example, against a company or a personal guarantee for a corporate debt). We do not collect (small) debts from individuals, unless they are liable for a corporate debt. Also we do not accept rental affairs under

EUR 10,000 (company or individuals), alternative ‘loans’ under the same amount or if you have already filed a lawsuit and received a ruling but where the probability of a successful recovery is slim. Initially we only handle a judicial decree if we were involved in the dispute that led to the ruling.

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