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Not all debt recovery divisions are the same. Christopher Lincoln & Partners specialises in commercial debt collection, and has associates all around the world. We hold:

The position and image of a law firm and not that of a debt recovery agency;
An 84% success rate;
Unparalleled expertise in substantial claims;
Competitive no cure no pay rates (no compensation, unless we collect extra-judicially and/or judicially)
Industry recognition as an expert;
Nearly 40 years of experience providing superior debt recovery services.
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There are thousands of debt collection agencies all over the world. These (usually small-scale) agencies, contrary to Christopher Lincoln & Partners, often lack the adequate expertise in commercial debt recovery claims. They do not possess the professional experience or attention to detail to comprehend the true reasons for a corporate debt or how to maneuver the situation in order to compel a debtor to pay. These debt collection agencies customarily only call or send written appeals to demand payments in the hopes that their method is effective. The no cure no pay service of Christopher Lincoln & Partners goes above and beyond conventional service, especially when it comes down to judicial endeavours.

Traditional debt collection agencies, contrary to Christopher Lincoln & Partners, tackle all sorts of claims. They deal with all types of debt: credit card, mortgage, rent, medical bills, insurance bills, bounced checks, unpaid phone bills, etc. These agencies are often active by low-cost automated callers who get debtors on the phone. The gathered information is handed over to data collectors who have no knowledge of the situation, except for the amount due and the date of the last payment. Those collection agencies do not make any effort in understanding the business they are calling, the nature of the debt, the reason for non-payment, or traits of the business owner. They just demand money, which is often much less effective than a professional approach.

In a nutshell, traditional debt collection agencies do not have the business and professional insight that we have: experience in owning a business and different business practices, knowledge in negotiating mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property licensing and transnational joint ventures, and experience in getting hired as consultants to operate internationally to negotiate transactions or resolve disputes. It is evident that many traditional debt collection agencies do not have the same level of expertise as us. Christopher Lincoln & Partners  is a commercial law firm that is specialized in business to business debt recovery. We have numerous clients whose revenue exceeds 25 million euro annually. We attend to all sorts of claims, irrespective of size. We also accept new clients who have only one claim.

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