Judicial debt recovery and attainability

We strongly prefer to settle a debt recovery claim without judicial intervention. We have been able to do this in more than 71% of successful debt recovery claims. However, we will not hesitate to inaugurate judicial proceedings if that is the only attainable or acceptable alternative. We regularly file lawsuits.

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If necessary we will pursue an extra-judicial debt collection attempt in the name of our law firm adhering to our no cure no pay rates. There are no deposit obligations for these efforts. Our attorney will initiate a judicial proceeding if we are not able to make the necessary progress in the extra-judicial proceedings. In many cases it is sufficient to notify the debtor that the delinquent account has been handed over to a debt recovery lawyer. However, some parties only start taking the claim seriously if a judicial proceeding is initiated. Contrary to nearly all debt collection companies and attorneys, who only offer a no cure no pay in extra-judicial proceedings, we also offer this same principle in judicial proceedings. Our clients benefit from not having to carry any costs if the decision is made to involve an independent attorney. Moreover we do not hesitate if it is necessary for a debt recovery claim to be taken to court. All of this to maintain the best interest of our client.

Debt collection disputes

In addition to our own experts we have a whole network of debt recovery lawyers and specialists at our disposal, all of whom work on a no cure no pay principle. In most matters a litigation must be submitted in the place of business of the debtor. Which makes it imperative to have access to an international network of lawyers and specialists. This enables us to retain the costs for our clients nihil, while debtors have to pay their lawyers an hourly fee for their services. The aforementioned usually puts significant pressure on the debtor to resolve the matter amicably or, alternatively, allow us to obtain a default judgment and then proceed to the execution of judgment.

We never litigate without written instructions of our client. We provide a solid offer based on the specifics of your claim. When considering a litigation process a key factor which needs to be taken into account is that the costs will not exceed the anticipated benefits. We carefully evaluate the case before recommending judicial (debt) collection to our clients. We share the analysis behind that recommendation with you. Estimating the attainability of debt collection is the most difficult part in this examination.

Estimation of your litigation and execution

Winning a litigation is the first step. As soon as we have established an assessment on the attainability and recoverability of your claim, we must initiate judicial proceedings. As debt recovery attorneys we manage the process of collecting and enforcing judicial decrees for our clients. We use our experience to ensure that the right steps are taken within the right timeframes. We evaluate all alternatives for our clients and provide recommendations on how to proceed. Our attorneys work closely with our network of international debt recovery lawyers on request, depending on what is needed in each individual case.

We also accept debt recovery claims when a judgment has already been obtained, but the recoverability of the claim will be examined (again) in advance. Of course, in such claims we will not incur bailiff costs if the chances of success are (almost) zero. We prefer to offer collection services for claims where we initially also performed extra-judicial proceedings.

Wij accepteren ook vorderingen wanneer er al een vonnis is verkregen, maar daarbij zal vooraf (opnieuw) naar de verhaalbaarheid van de vordering worden gekeken. Uiteraard zullen wij in die zaken geen deurwaarderskosten gaan maken als de kansen op succes (vrijwel) nihil zijn. Wij bieden bij voorkeur incassodiensten aan op vorderingen waarbij we in eerste instantie ook de buitengerechtelijke incassowerkzaamheden hebben verricht.

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