International debt recovery

One of our main tasks as a debt recovery law firm is to assist companies with outstanding debt collections internationally.

We make use of our extensive international business expertise (travelling to more than 30 countries all over the world offering our advice, negotiation and litigations services) in typically large and complicated debt recovery claims. We understand international business practice.

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We are experienced with proceedings of foreign parties and international debt recovery claims. We have first-hand experience with claims where the debtor is enforced to pay their outstanding invoices and are thoroughly familiar with foreign legislations and business practices. This expertise is paramount when there are disputes and complaints. We know how to involve and present ourselves in legal disputes in order to subsequently proceed debtors judicially.

In doing so, we convey the message to the debtor that their outstanding invoices must be paid, partly because a legal proceeding will probably be in favor of our client. When we are not able to agree to a settlement we compel the debtor that our client is willing and prepared to continue with judicial proceedings by using our extensive international network that we have at our disposal. This is usually done in quite an aggressive approach, so that we can position ourselves strongly as trouble shooters which is crucial for our clients to enforce payments of delinquent accounts.

Our (international) clients appreciate our thorough approach to keep them informed about practical matters concerning their debt recovery claim, our analysis of the claim, and contact with the debtor. We offer our clients a right of say in negotiating strategies, along with our assessment of the circumstances in the proceedings and the likelihood of results. We are aware how difficult it can be for clients to rely on an organization they have never met that sometimes operates from a location which is thousands of miles away to help them resolve important issues. This is why we provide regular updates on the status and progress of proceedings, so that we can provide our clients with the tools to assist in making decisions which need to be made.

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