How we operate

Parties, like you, who approach Christopher Lincoln & Partners, work in a wide variety of branches. You find yourself in quite a common position: one or more of your clients has unpaid invoices which you want to recover. You are searching for a solution to the frequently asked question: How soon can you recover debts owed to you, without the hassle and expensive procedures for which you do not want to bear the costs? You have probably already tried to contact the debtor, to no avail, have sent emails which were not responded to, or you might have received meaningless excuses and false promises but the debtor still failed to provide any payments. Let us handle your debt recovery matter and we will immediately go to work for you. We are commercial debt recovery attorneys with a success rate of 84% for recoverable claims.

You are probably wondering what the costs involved are in order for us to collect your debt. Usually our fees are 10 percent of the money that we recover for you. We work based on the no cure no pay principle. If your debtor does not pay anything it will cost you nothing – as simple as that.

Contact us via email (click here for our contact information). After we have received your debt recovery assignment we will evaluate your claim. If your claim qualifies for our services, we will contact you  via email with a written estimate on costs and practical matters that need to be considered. After an initial consultation our experts will handle your debt recovery assignment and, if necessary, make use of our (international) network to strategize your debt collection. We have many resources at our disposal to collect your business claim.

Our attorneys or file handlers will analyze your position of the issues and review your contract or sales agreement. We will examine the debtor, including your documented correspondence, before, during and after the initial transaction. We will then screen the other party with regards to the account(s) to be paid.

Christopher Lincoln & Partners’ staff members are thoroughly familiar with different business practices. Our members of staff came out of the business themselves before they became debt recovery attorneys. This strategic advantage is what distinguishes us from other debt collection agencies and/or lawyers who only make no cure no pay agreements in extrajudicial proceedings.

In the Netherlands, for example, attorneys are prohibited to handle commercial debt recovery claims on a no cure no pay principle in judicial proceedings. This decree does not apply in the Dutch West Indies. Our international organisation makes it possible to operate from there.

Also, we have full know-how on all types of contracts, including sales orders, purchase orders, invoices, return authorizations, price discounts, VAT legislation, freight and shipping costs, return policies, delivery terms and conditions.

Subsequently, our team will propose a plan to recover outstanding delinquent accounts. Christopher Lincoln & Partners does not disclose specific tactics in order to protect our competitive advantage. However,  we do discuss our intended strategy with our clients before we start with the debt recovery process. We expect to encounter the same obstacles you might have bumped into before approaching us. In general, we have come across many rationalizations why a debt has not been paid but we have many effective strategies to go beyond your situation where you cannot progress and where payments are enforced.

So it is up to you to take initiative. Send us an email today. We could start your debt recovery claim tomorrow.