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Parties, like you, who approach Christopher Lincoln & Partners, work in a wide variety of branches. You find yourself in quite a common position: one or more of your clients has unpaid invoices which you want to recover. This is our expertise.

International debt recovery
International debt recovery

One of our main tasks as a debt recovery law firm is to assist companies with outstanding debt collections internationally.

Substantial claims
Substantial claims

Our main objective is corporate debt collection, which accounts for our success rate of 84%.

Judicial debt recovery and attainability
Judicial debt recovery and attainability

We strongly prefer to settle a debt recovery claim without judicial intervention. We have been able to do this in more than 71% of successful debt recovery claims

How we operate

Approach in debt collection

Het incassoproces bij Christopher Lincoln & Partners is uniek, wat resulteert in een slagingspercentage van 84%.

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