Frequently asked questions


No. We offer all our services on a no cure no pay principle: we only get paid when we collect money that is still owed to you.

This is a commercial service provider that offers collection services for (primarily) business transactions, usually in the context of a business-to-business transaction. If an individual has provided a personal guarantee to a company, we may also collect from the person who issued the personal guarantee.

Yes. once a collection agency or lawyer is involved to assist in the debt recovery, a claim from a company derived from supplying a product or service is referred to as a debt collection.

When it comes to local debt collection, you can choose from a debt collection agency or a local lawyer. The efficacy of a specialized no cure no pay debt collection attorney is determined by the background and training of the person concerned, the associated expenditure, the debt collection approach and timely follow-up.  Most of the work is done over the phone or email, and most research is done over the Internet and telephone. So: location is not an obstacle. Christopher Lincoln & Partners offers commercial debt recovery services for clients from (and in):

  • Europe,
  • Islands of the Dutch Caribbean, including but not limited to Sint Maarten, Bonaire and Curaçao, and
  • The United States of America.

We have extensive experience in providing commercial debt collection services to foreign
companies that are owed money. In most cases we are able to achieve excellent results when international debtors understand that a professional firm such as Christopher Lincoln & Partners is pushing for payment without any further delay and will not settle for the apologies and delay tactics.

Fees are only charged if we have actually collected money for you. Given that every case is different, agreements are made in advance whether our highly competitive standard rates apply (10% to 30%) or whether there are special circumstances that require individual adjustment of our regular rates. We have been implemeting our rates for 20 years and we have proven to our long-term clients that our commercial collection rates result in the lowest charge for them.

For our regular clients we offer debt collection services for amounts lower than EUR 1,000. For new clients, the average claim size must initially be more than EUR 5,000.

Over the years we have assisted in collecting millions of euros in outstanding unpaid obligations. For claims exceeding EUR 100,000, we discuss the best approach with clients.