Succes rates

Our rate of success on achievable and recoverable claims is our success story. Furthermore, it is also your achievement, based on our efforts, our expertise and qualified specialists. No other debt recovery law firm offers the same high caliber of professionals as our experts at Christopher Lincoln & Partners. This has enabled excellent debt collection results.

For claims above EUR 10.000 our results were:

2019: 87%
2018: 89%
2017: 84%
2016: 91%


The “commercial Law League of America” annually collects information about the actual ability of direct debits based on age, among other things.  The success rate drops to 50%  after 7 months of delinquency. The chance of a depreciation increases by more than 1% every week from the first day a delinquent account gets older. This is why we advise you to report your claim to us as soon as possible.

What makes us different?

Every one of our employees has at least 10 years experience. We have extensive experience in business and negotiations as attorneys and senior executives of multiple corporations and as consultants for hundreds of other organizations in a wide variety of industries. This knowledge and experience results in a significantly higher success rate of collecting outstanding debts. However, we have to acknowledge the fact that in some cases we are unable to turn lead into gold. If the business of a debtor has ceased to exist, is insolvent, or if there is a legal dispute or fraud by the debtor, the chances of a successful debt collection are significantly lower. In such cases, these debt collection claims are not included in our success rate of achievable and recoverable claims.