About us

Christopher Lincoln & Partners,  was established in 1983 by a pioneer in modern debt collection, positioning itself among the leading group for commercial debt collectors. We are specialised in business to business debt recovery and our lawyers can help you solve your debt collection cases across the world. Our debt recovery law firm has an average high success rate of 84% on all kinds of claims.

Besides debt collections and contract disputes our law firm also organises tailored commercial debt collection seminars and credit management workshops for business clients.

Our experts at  Christopher Lincoln & Partners  can also provide financial and operational counsel. We provide legal advice on a diverse range of national and international business issues (such as mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, intellectual property licenses, digital media rights, and more). This hands-on professional approach -from contract agreements to operational management- is built from the expertise from years of growing businesses and giving advice to clients which has contributed to our high success rate on collecting outstanding delinquent accounts.